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Borrow a FREE clothes swap kit

for your community event!


  Swap shops can bring your community together for some good old fashioned sharing fun. They're also a great way to raise funds for important causes.

Thanks to the kind folk at Dublin City Council's Waste Management Department, we're able to offer FREE swap kits to community groups in the Dublin City Council area. 


Keep scrolling to see how it all works.

Step 1. Set the date & location

Step 2. Agree on what you need

                        Here's what we have available


x4 Clothing Rails

x1 Big Mirror

x100 Hangers

x100 Swap Tokens

x1 Table Top Chalk Board Sign

x1 A4 Perspex Sign Holder

Step 3. Read The Fine Print!

1. The Clothes Swap Kit, distributed via Change Clothes Crumlin is and remains the property of Dublin City Council. 
2. Please report any problems with the equipment  to CCC during the loan period.
3. Borrowers are responsible for the equipment until they return it and are responsible to protect the equipment from loss or damage.
 Equipment must be used for their designed purpose and within their specifications. You will be required to reimburse Dublin City Council for the cost of any equipment damage and/or lost.
4. Borrowers must agree to the terms in the agreement by filling out the request form below. This Loan Agreement Form and any personal details you enter will be shared with Change Clothes Crumlin for the purpose of arranging the
5 day loan of the Clothes Swap Kit. 
The borrower must satisfy themselves that any Health & Safety Statement, insurance provision and Risk Assessment Plan for their event is satisfactory. Sole responsibility lies with the borrower/event organiser. 
6. Change Clothes Crumlin & Dublin City Council bears no responsibility for the management of this event or activity. Change Clothes Crumlin & Dublin City Council bear no responsibility for the management of safety for the duration of this activity. The borrower must comply with Health & Safety Legislation, the Safety, Health & Welfare at work Act 2005, all regulations made there under, and all other relevant legislation, regulations and approved Codes of Practice, to ensure the safe running of this activity.
The applicant has responsibility to ensure adherence with all public health legislation, regulations, guidelines and requirements.

8. By filling out the request form, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Step 4. Submit your request

  • Submit your request using the form below. We'll get back to you ASAP!

Important FYI!

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