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Change Clothes Crumlin

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Because second hand is f****n grand

Change Clothes Crumlin is a community based clothing reuse hub.

We are a registered not for profit CLG.


Founded in 2022, we work at community level to ensure that local clothing waste doesn't become a global problem.


CCC is building a community of clothes swappers, borrowers, upcyclers, menders and like-minded people in the Crumlin area of Dublin. Everyone is welcome to take part in our events.

Our goal is to make sure second hand is fun, affordable, and social. We do this by providing accessible reuse solutions for clothes in all kinds of states.

Clothes in new-good condition

A 'book-in' clothing exchange service (the swap)

An affordable occasion-wear rental service (the rental)

Quarterly €2 're-sales'

Redistribution of surplus stock to those in need

Clothes in OK condition (but needing some TLC)

Upcycling and repair workshops

Skills & personal development courses for people distanced from the labour market

Clothes ready for landfill

Repurposing of rag into new, creative products

Meet The Team

Meet the Voluntary Board of Directors

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