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Change Clothes Crumlin

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Because second hand is f****n grand

Change Clothes Crumlin is a community based clothing reuse hub.


Change Clothes Crumlin was founded on a wing and a prayer in Autumn 2022, with a little bit of initial funding and a sprinkle of 'sure feck it, we'll try it and see'. Once we piloted a programme of events in the Crumlin community we knew we had to keep going.


We're building a creative, social community of clothes swappers, borrowers, upcyclers, menders, and like-minded people in the Crumlin area. Everyone is welcome to take part in our events.

Our goal is to build common threads of sharing between people in the Dublin 12 community, re-learn useful mending skills now lost to a generation (but hopefully not for long), generate affordable sustainable clothing solutions, and finally, to reduce the amount of clothing going to landfill.

We do do this by providing clothing reuse solutions for clothes at all stages of their lifecycle.

Clothes in new-good condition

A 'book-in' clothing exchange service (the swap)

An affordable vintage occasion-wear rental service (coming soon)

Clothes in OK condition (but needing some TLC)

Upcycling and repair workshops

A DIY repair library (coming soon) 

Clothes ready for landfill

Repurposing of rag into new, creative products 

See our 'extra services' here.

Meet The Team

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